It is the beginning of the month. Time to post the budget.

We weren’t on target last month because I forgot to add over $200 of expenses—my daughter’s insurance and my son’s two after school programs. Hopefully this month we have all of the expenses listed and will be on target for the budget.

September 2010
Laundry 40
Rent 1000
Groceries 400 (this is up because we are back to paper diapers and I couldn’t make it on $55 a week)
ComEd 50
AT & T 28
Comcast 95
Son’s school 187
Son’s after school language program 140
Son’s dance class 40
Misc. 50
Gas/Transportation 120
Restaurant 80
Entertainment 40
Student Loan 192
Life insurance 77
Daughter’s Health Insurance 40
Husband’s spending money 35
My spending money 35
Tithes Private
TOTAL $2649

I’ll report back at the beginning of next month and let you know how I did. We are trying to live on one income to gauge if we can truly do without my income.

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