Last month’s budget was our attempt to live off of one income.  It failed miserably, largely because the infamous Murphy came to visit, and I think he overextended his stay!

So what caused us to be more than two thousand dollars overbudget and have to tap into our savings?  Here are the culprits:

Everything on our nearly 90,000 mile car needed to be replaced at once.  1.)  New tires = $565, 2.) Alternator  Drive Belt = $171,  3.) Routine lube, oil and filter = 49,  4.)Alignment, exhaust convertor shell, timing belt and water pump = $1325

My son had a serious incident happen at school, which happened not just to him but to several other boys.  The principal took care of the situation for us because, thank goodness my son is honest and likes to talk a lot so he told me about it, but the principal is not telling the parents of any other boys involved because he “doesn’t want to open a can of worms.”  As long as the boys remain quiet, their parents will never know.  I am not comfortable with this, so we have switched him to a new school starting this week.

We have to pay all new registration, book, technology fees to this school in addition to buying a new gym uniform and more than doubling the amount of tuition we pay per month.   Out of pocket so far I have paid $250 for the registration fee, $33.50 for the out-of-uniform uniform, and $60 for the remaining 12 times this school year they have special lunches.  My first tuition payment will luckily fall after this October 15-November 15 budget; the montly tuition will be 66% more than we were paying at the other school.  We will have to find a creative way to swing this, but it is well worth it for my son’s safety.

In addition to all of the above expenses, we are going to travel to the Relevant Conference this week.  I am very excited and can’t wait to go!  I was lucky enough to receive almost full sponsorship from 30 Meals in One Day to attend the conference.  (Thank you!)  However, because we still have to have the major $1300 car repair done and it will take several days, we have decided to rent a car for the trip so our car can be repaired while we are gone.  That will cost $230.  The only other costs we have will be for food along the way.

Honestly, I have never had so many unplanned expenses pile up at once.  I am cutting back on our budget this month to try to recover some of Murphy’s damage.  Here is the plan:

Oct. 15 – Nov. 15 2010
Laundry 40
Rent 1000
Groceries 280 (we are going to have a pantry challenge, so hopefully it will be lower than this)
ComEd 40
AT & T 28
Comcast 81.59
Son’s after school language program 140
Son’s dance class 40
Misc. 50
Rental car 230
Gas/Transportation 250
Restaurant 150
Entertainment 0
Student Loan 192
Life insurance 77
Delaney’s Health Insurance 40
Husband’s spending money 20
My spending money 20
Tithes Private
TOTAL $2679

I’ll report back next month after the 15th.  Meanwhile I am going to be searching for some work at home opportunities.

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