Since my son was a toddler he has enjoyed helping me in the kitchen.  At first it was only dumping in some ingredients and stirring, but as he grows older, he has started helping me more.  He is always coming up with recipes that he wants us to try.  (Most of them are for sweets, but he does have some good sandwich ideas too.)

Last year we bought the Mom and Me Cookbook, and it was a great buy.  The recipes for the main meals are healthy, which is a nice bonus.  My son loves picking out recipes and making them with me.  Our first recipe we tried was Crepes; the spaghetti is his personal favorite.

While we are struggling a bit with my son’s lunches, I find it very helpful to involve him in food preparation; he is much more likely to eat and enjoy the food.   He has enjoyed every recipe we have made out of this cookbook.  More than the taste of the food, he has enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with me, creating yummy dishes.

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