Recently, I’ve been dealing with a histamine intolerance again.  I first dealt with a histamine intolerance about three years ago.  At that time, as now, I would feel like my throat was closing and that I couldn’t breathe (even though I could).  My nose would also sometimes get very congested.  The Paleo Mom is the one who mentioned that it sounded like a histamine intolerance, and I’m so grateful that she said so.  I went on a low histamine, Paleo AIP diet for six months, took steps to heal my leaky gut, and then went about my merry way. . .until the histamine intolerance came back this summer.  Now, I’m reduced to maybe 15 foods that I can eat to avoid a histamine reaction.  I’m sure that I have leaky gut again because the two go hand in hand.  However, recently I learned that perhaps mold is causing my health issues.

Did Going Off Paleo Cause a Regression?

True, when we moved to Arizona, I abandoned my Paleo diet.  I ate beans, and chocolate, and sometimes sugar.  But I never ate dairy or gluten, and I still ate plenty of fruits and veggies.  Could going off the Paleo diet cause the leaky gut and histamine intolerance to come back?

I was mad at myself for getting in this situation again.

A Naturopath Has the Answer?

I made an appointment to see a naturopath, knowing that I needed help regaining my health.

I had to wait six VERY LONG weeks to go see her.  But when we had our hour long consultation, she surprised me.  She thought that the reason my leaky gut and histamine intolerance went away and then came back wasn’t because my Paleo diet derailed, but because there was a deeper root cause that hadn’t been addressed.

She thinks mold is causing my health issues.
Mold causing health issues
Remember that apartment building my husband and I lived in for 11 years?  The one that inspired my post, “I Want to Move!” because I was so frustrated by the way the landlords didn’t address issues in the apartment?  She thinks all those years of mold exposure caused these problems.

Apparently, 25% of the population has trouble recovering from a mold exposure.  So even though I’ve been out of that toxic environment for years, my body can’t naturally get rid of the mold, which puts my body in a state of constant inflammation, which leads to all of these other health issues.

We won’t know for sure until my test results come back in another 3 to 4 weeks, but I’m hopefully that maybe I can regain my health and feel like a normal human being again!

Have you ever dealt with a mold exposure?  Were you one of the ones who had trouble getting rid of the mold in your body?

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