fb439c463bbf4c28ac76bb5d30cf83d0 (1)I had every intention of blogging late last week, but somehow time got away from me.

First, Bookworm and I spent all day Wednesday cooking freezer meals for the upcoming two weeks.  Cuddle Bug and PB & J Girl did a great job occupying themselves.  I miss having babies, but I sure love the freedom to do things like make freezer meals even if my husband isn’t home to lend a hand!

Then, we spent time with family on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for Easter and had a great time.

Cuddle Bug’s 4th birthday was also this weekend, so we had a packed day!

Now, we’re home, but I’ll be leaving in a few days to go to a homeschool conference, so I’m trying to squeeze in some homeschooling and make all the preparations I need to for my meals and other items since I’ll be traveling.

Whew.  It was a busy week last week, and it’ll be a busy week again this week.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a chance my husband may land a job sooner than expected and we may be moving?  (More on that as we learn more.)

If you wondered where I disappeared for 5 days, I was just busy with life!

How was your Easter?

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