We are trying to stick to a grocery budget of $283 for the five us for the month of November.  We haven’t gone that low in a very long time (we usually spend $400 to $450 for groceries), so this is going to be interesting.  I will be relying heavily on items already in the freezer.


Breakfast–breakfast mueseli, eggs, bananas
Lunch–leftover pasta concoction created by my husband on the weekend (it was good :))
Dinner–Crockpot Chuck Roast, mixed veggies, potatoes

B–oatmeal with blueberries and bananas, eggs
L–sandwiches/Chili de Tres Amigos for me and the girls
D–BLTs, cucumber slices, chips

B–eggs, toast, strawberry smoothies
L–sandwiches/Chili de Tres Amigos
D–Iranian Kebab

B–oatmeal with blueberries and bananas, fruit
L–sandwiches/leftovers for me
D–leftover Crockpot Chuck Roast and Iranian Kabob

B–Sweet potato waffles, eggs, fruit
D–Turkey Stuffed Yellow Bell Peppers

B–blueberry pancakes, fruit
L–husband’s choice 🙂
D–cabbage stew, homemade bread

B–eggs, toast, smoothies
L–husband’s choice
D–Award winning chili

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