Today I have the pleasure of hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap.  The theme is freezer cooking, which is perfect for me.  Every week I like to cook an extra meal or two to put in the freezer for those busy nights when I need something fast.  Sometimes I get more adventurous, like the time I cooked up 35 meals.  (I so need to have another freezer cooking session!)

Make sure to come back to this post throughout the day to read what others are planning to eat.  (All shared meal plans will be gluten free!)

Our no spend challenge continues and the acorn squash keeps rolling in.  I think we have about 14 in the pantry that need to be used up.  🙂  Luckily, the kids are warming up to them.

Last week was our first week back to homeschooling after a 2.5 week vacation, and it was hard getting back into the routine.  This week I’ll make sure to use the slow cooker.  I’m also planning on freezing a few meals to make the weeknights easier.

Here’s our plan for the week:

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Menu Plan

Lunch–Stuffed Acorn Squash
Dinner–Leftover beef and vegetable soup

Lunch–Stuffed Acorn Squash
100_5727Dinner–Roast, Roasted Radishes & Carrots, leftover brown rice

Lunch–Garlic Sauteed Swiss Chard with Noodles (GF, of course)
Dinner–Loaded Baked Potato Soup (we’ll see how this turns out as I’m subbing all of the dairy with dairy free options)

Dinner–Butternut Squash Soup

Lunch–Roasted Carrot and Fennel Soup
Dinner–Turkey Meatloaf (I’ll share the recipe on Monday), Swiss Chard sauteed with Bacon

Dinner–Crockpot Italian Wedding Soup (reciped doubled so I can freeze one batch)

Lunch–Grass fed Hot Dogs, carrot sticks, white rice with seaweed
Dinner–Carrots, Turnips, and Turkey Meatballs in the Slow Cooker

For the Freezer

Turkey Meatloaf

Gluten Free Swap Round Up

The Peaceful Mom is enjoying several tasty, seasonal recipes including Apple Sandwiches.  Her Gluten Free Lasagna sounds easier to make the traditional dish and sounds yummy!

It must be the perfect weather for hearty lasagna because Gluten Free Detroit Metro also has it on the menu.  In addition, she has Dosas on the menu, which I’ve never heard of before.  They sound delicious.

Celiac Family is planning to make some meals to freeze for those busy holiday weeks coming up.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about her meal of Chili and Cornbread, especially since it is snowing here today!  Her slow cooker chicken tacos also look tasty and easy, and even better, the leftovers can be used to make a meal the next day.

Angela’s Kitchen has a recipe for Apple Cider Muffins that I plan to make as soon as possible!  Seriously, what a delicious fall treat.  Her menu is packed with freezer friendly meals, so if you want to save time and enjoy ready made meals straight from the freezer, head on over to her site.


Want to join Gluten-Free Menu Swap?

  • For this week’s roundup, email your menu link to momsplans[AT]yahoo[DOT]com. Or, simply put your menu link in the comments below.
  • Join us again next week for sharing gluten-free menus and ideas for Thanksgiving Meal Ideas.
  • The Gluten-Free Menu Swap Page has the current schedule of themes and hosts. If you’d like to host a future week, please send an email to (celiacfamily[AT]gmail[DOT]com) with your preferred date and theme.

For even more meal ideas, visit Menu Planning Monday and Money Saving Mom.

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