Our meal planning seems to be working out much better now that we plan for all three meals.  However, variety for breakfast still seems to be an issue.  After Thanksgiving, I want to have a mini freezer cooking bout to fill the freezer with yummy breakfast choices.

B–Sweet Potato Waffles, fruit, milk
L–sandwiches for the guys, leftover sloppy joes for us with fruit and milk
D–Slow Cooker Tuscan Pot Roast (with white beans added), homemade bread

B–Pumpkin bread, eggs, fruit, milk
L–sandwiches for guys, tacos for us
D–Salisbury Steak over whole wheat noodles, green beans

B–oatmeal, fruit, milk
L–sandwiches for guys, leftover tacos for us
D–Baked Tomatoes with Bacon and Eggs

B–Pumpkin bread, eggs, milk, fruit
L–leftovers for guys, freezer meal for me and girls
D–chicken tacos with avocado, lettuce and tomato and refried beans

B–blueberry pancakes, eggs, milk
L–sandwiches for the guys, leftover tacos for the girls and me
D–Chicken Salsa soup (a recipe I am going to try from a Rachael Ray magazine)

B–eggs, cereal, and fruit
L–hubby’s choice
D–Homemade Pizza with this filling on the top (an experiment!)

B–hubby’s choice
L–leftover filling from the pizza
D–Unstuffed Cabbage (carry over from last week)

For more great recipes, visit Meal Planning Monday.

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