This week’s menu comes largely from items that we have in the pantry. This month is a no spending month (no more than $500 dollars to be spent on food, gas, entertainment, my son’s birthday food and presents, Father’s Day, etc.)

Monday—Mexi-Mac Skillet
Tuesday—Chicken Quesadillas
Wednesday—Slow Cooker Beef Sizzler Concoction (Husband is creating this. If it is good, I will post the recipe.)
Thursday—Peking Shrimp with Rice
Friday—Chicken Salad with romaine lettuce, peppers, carrots & cheese
Saturday—Wonton Soup, Baby Bok Choy (you can see my previous post about this dish here)
Sunday—Pork Fried Rice (lunch) Grilled Beef Tenderloin & polish sausage (dinner) Happy Father’s Day!

For lunches, my husband and son will have leftovers or sandwiches. I will have leftovers, or Weight Watcher meals or freezer burritos.

For breakfasts we will have oatmeal, or waffles, or omelets, or yogurt & fruit.

To see the groceries we bought for the week, go here.

(Just in case you have been following this blog and wonder why I always have beef but it never shows up in my grocery picture, we bought 1/2 of a side of beef from my cousin’s husband in late December and still have more than half of it left. )

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