This post contains affiliate links.  Bookworm is now 16.5 years old and counting down the days until he can move out on his own.  To that end, we’ve been trying to help him prepare so he can successfully move out in a few years.  I bought him The Everything Gluten Free, Dairy Free Cookbook, and this week, he started cooking one meal a week for the family.  Good for him, and good for us.  😉  Here’s our menu planning & meal prep for January 25 2021.

Menu Plan


Lunch–Chicken, diced potatoes, broccoli

Dinner-Bottom Round Roast, sweet potatoes,


Lunch–Okinamiyaki, salmon, sweet potatoes

Dinner–Nabe, rice (This is what it looks like before it cook! It all cooks in the skillet, reduces down, and has a yummy broth.)


Lunch–Leftover nabe in noodles,

Menu Plan & Meal Prep for November 16 2020

Dinner–Tater Tot Casserole,


Lunch–Trader Joe’s Chicken Nuggets, chips, carrot sticks & hummus
Dinner–Slow Cooker Chili Verde Soup, salad


Lunch–Leftover Tater Tot Casserole,


Lunch–Spaghetti with mushrooms & ground beef

Dinner–Seafood Nachos, salad


Lunch–Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage, homemade French fries, brussell sprouts
Dinner–Parker’s Split Pea Soup

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