Our one cherry tomato plant has exploded and is giving us a ton of tomatoes.  In the last two days, we have harvested 87 tomatoes, and I will be able to go back tomorrow and harvest another 30 or so.  We also subscribe to two CSAs who are also delivering cherry tomatoes.  Luckily, all of us love them, but now we have more than we typically eat, so this week we are trying several new recipes.

Let the week of cherry tomatoes begin!  (Meanwhile, all of the other produce we have that will freeze well is going into the freezer in the freezer meals listed below.)


Pasta with Basil Oil and Cherry Tomatoes, homemade dairy free garlic bread


Chicken Patty SandwichesGreen Beans & Cherry Tomatoes


Pasta with Roasted Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes and Chicken


BLT Bites (Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes) with roasted chicken (I am stirring it all together and serving over a bed of lettuce)

Homemade Enchiladas with Island Guacamole, lettuce and cherry tomatoes



Beef tacos, Island Guacamole, lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Monday & Tuesday

will vary based on what is in our CSA basket on Saturday


For the freezer

Portugese Kale Soup (minus the potatoes; I’ll add those when we eat the meal)

Cabbage Beef Soup

Italian Wedding Soup (with Swiss chard instead of spinach)

For more meal planning ideas, visit Menu Planning Monday.

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