This post contains affiliate links.  How are things where you are?  Are you able to buy the groceries you need, or do you end up with an odd assortment of foods that are currently available?  Are you still going into the grocery store?

We’re avoiding the grocery store and simply relying on online delivery and grocery pick up.  For the most part, we can get what we need, but we’re almost out of rice (and haven’t been able to find anymore), and we’re relying heavily on the foods we had previously stocked in the freezer.

Plus, our grocery budget is taking a hit because I’m no longer able to shop several stores and get the lowest prices.  Luckily, there are some areas of our budget that are currently no longer being used (like money for gas) that we’re able to funnel into our grocery budget.  The tricky part with food intolerances like gluten and dairy is that we can’t just have any food from the grocery store that is available, we have to have specific items, and those items are costing more now.

Here’s what’s on the menu plan for April 6 2020:

Menu Plan for April 6 2020


Lunch-Asian Noodles, cucumber slices



It’s my birthday this week, so we’re going to celebrate on Sunday.

Lunch-Chicken Pot Pie, Lava cake (we use coconut oil instead of the butter and gf flour)
Dinner-Chicken Thighs, diced potatoes, Brussels sprouts


Lunch-Chicken Cacciatore Soup 
Dinner-Roast, veggies


Dinner-Taco Soup, nacho chips, guacamole (I didn’t get to make this from last week)


Lunch-Stuffed Green Pepper Soup,
Dinner-Slow Cooker Beef Stew, salad


Dinner-Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup, (what can I say?  I feel like comfort food!)


Lunch-Red Beans & Rice, veggies
Dinner-Tuna Noodle Casserole, veggie

I’m curious what’s on your menu plan for the week.  Are you still going to the grocery store, or, like us, are you trying to keep out of the store and hunker down at home?

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