This last week went by in a blur.  All three kids were sick, one at a time, for about three days each, so for the last nine days, someone in our house has been sick.  I finally took PB & J Girl (who got sick last) to the doctor because she didn’t seem to rebound like the other two did.  She tested positive for strep, even though she hadn’t had the typical look in her throat of strep.  I brought the other two kids in for a strep test, and Cuddle Bug had it, too.

But now, both girls are on medicine and life is back to normal, thankfully.

Here’s our menu plan for the week:

Lunch–Sushi lunch (We were supposed to have this last week, but because the girls had strep throat all last week, they definitely didn’t feel like eating sushi!)
Dinner–Chicken “Pot Pie” (another recipe from last week we didn’t get to make)

LunchSlow Cooker Pinto Beans, Hot Dogs & Peppers

DinnerMomma Neely’s Pot Roast, green beans, sweet potatoes

Split Pea Soup w/Ham Hock

The Best Liver Recipe Ever (I sure hope so!), green beans, diced potatoes

Hamburger Soup homemade garlic bread

Spaghetti with Jamie Oliver Sauce, homemade garlic bread (with gluten free bread)


Salsa Soup

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