In light of my recent discovery that I am dairy intolerant, I will be feeding my family freezer meals made with my favorite items–cheese and milk–so I can make room in the freezer for cooking freezer meals next week that I can enjoy. I am not sure what I will be eating this week for dinner–whatever I can find that doesn’t have dairy!

Monday–Stuffed Shells* & Garlic Butter Cheese Bread*, Spinach

Tuesday–Freezer Burritos*, salad
Wednesday–Beefy Cornbread Muffins*, broccoli
Thursday–No Meat Burritos*, mixed veggies
Friday–Turkey Burgers, salad, french fries
Saturday–Dinner out
Sunday–Chicken Pot Pie*

Breakfasts will be breakfast burritos*, breakfast sanwiches*, smoothies for me, eggs, etc.

Lunches will be leftovers or sandwiches.

All items marked with * are already made and in the freezer.
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