I am trying to have an easy week this week.  I am getting ready to go to the Savvy Blogging Summit (so excited!!), and in addition to preparing dinners, I have to cook up enough food for the drive there and back (17 hours one way) in case I don’t find any restaurants that can accommodate my need to avoid dairy and soy.  Actually, the soy intolerance is getting worse; lately I have not been able to eat at almost any restaurant without a reaction.  So, rather than chance it, I am going to bring my own food.  🙂  (Hey, at least I will save a lot of money doing this.)

Monday–Qdoba (using a buy one/get one offer)

Tuesday–shrimp & beef tacos

Wednesday–taco salad

Thursday–spaghetti squash with Jamie Oliver’s sauce and homemade meatballs, homemade dairy free garlic bread

Friday–chicken salad sandwiches, chips, cucumber slices

Saturday–dinner out

Sunday–on the road, TBD 🙂

One of the snacks I am planning to make for the trip is  Zucchini Bread.

For more great meal ideas visit Menu Planning Monday.

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