This week is our last push to eat up old freezer meals because I am hoping to buy 1/4 of a side of beef this weekend.  The pantry challenge took our freezer from stuffed to the top to about half full.  I am hoping to further reduce that this week to make room for the beef. 

Last week was a crazy week because my baby had a terrible cold and kept me up most nights.  Happily she is on the mend, but I want to have a cooking free week so I can start to get caught up from all of the things I let slide last week when she was sick (like cleaning!).  I also ate a lot of sugary foods to keep awake, and I am tired of how heavy my body feels.  I am ready to eat healthier.  I am so thankful to still have some freezer meals left.

Monday–Chicken Fajitas, Refried Beans & Mexican Rice

Tuesday–Split Pea, Ham and Rice Soup, Rolls

Wednesday–No Meat Burritos, Mixed Veggies, Refried Beans & Mexican Rice

Thursday–Pepsi Baked T-Bone Steak (bumped from last week), mixed veggies, homemade french fries

Friday–dinner out

Saturday–Lighter Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Veggie

Sunday–Some type of roast, haven’t decided yet. 🙂

Lunches will be leftovers and sandwiches.  Breakfasts will be smoothies, oatmeal, toast, French toast, etc.

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