This post contains affiliate links.  I came home from taking Bookworm to college on Monday.   I had grand dreams of spending the rest of the week homeschooling the girls and unpacking the house further.  I did get to do that for two days, but then my husband and I got consumed with paperwork for getting our NY licenses and license plates, preparing to close on the house, and filling out all of the separation paperwork as he leaves his job in Arizona and starts his job in New York.  It.was.a.lot!  That’s why we had a lot of simple meals this week.

Meal Prep

No meal prep this week.  I’m hoping soon I can start making snacks again and even have a freezer cooking session.  Then, when we have busy weeks, we can pull homecooked meals from the freezer instead of relying on processed convenience foods.  But, I’m not there yet.

Menu Plan


Lunch–Daiya burritos, cucumber slices, leftover Healthy Taco soup


Lunch–homemade pizza, cucumber slices
Dinner–hamburgers, chips (at a BBQ party)


Lunch–leftovers for my husband and me and grilled cheese, chips, and carrot sticks for the girls
Dinner–rotisserie chicken, roasted beets & carrots


Dinner–Asian noodles


Dinner–steak, diced potatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower


Dinner–spaghetti with mushrooms,


Lunch–Breakfast for Lunch
Dinner–leftover spaghetti

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