This post contains affiliate links.  We’re still trying to get back into the swing of cooking all of our meals from scratch.  Since we moved, I don’t have any freezer meals.  (I really, really need to have a freezer cooking session soon!).  The girls have activities three nights a week, so I either need to rely on freezer meals or I need to put a meal in the slow cooker in the morning, which I haven’t been doing recently.  Instead, we’ve relied on ready made food.  Here’s our meal prep and menu plan for October 24 2022:

Meal Prep

2 dozen banana muffins,

Menu Plan


Lunch–Chicken Nugget Salad, French Fries, cucumber slices
Dinner–hot dogs, onion rings, carrot sticks, misc. leftovers


Lunch–Zucchini Beef Meal (from the freezer), toast
Dinner–Chunky Vegetarian Chili (we only added a 1/2 cup of rice and added some shredded chicken)


Lunch–Trader Joe’s tamales (we were on a little road trip, so we ate these from the thermos)
Dinner–rotisserie chicken, diced potatoes, peas


Lunch–Homemade pizza, peas
Dinner–Daiya burritos, guacamole, chips, carrot sticks


Lunch–Fish Cakes, tater tots, coleslaw
Dinner–Chicken & Chorizo Stew (from eMeals)


Lunch–leftover hot dogs, french fries, apple slices
Dinner–Daiya burritos, nacho chips, salad


Lunch–leftover Chicken & Chrizo Stew, salad
Dinner–Trader Joe’s mini tacos, chips with black bean salsa, cucumber slices

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