We made our own pulled pork this week, and it was delicious!  (So thankful we now have our freezer stocked with pork!)  We also tried a few new meals, but I still have it on my list of things to do to create my own little book of all of our favorite recipes.  I will get to it as soon as I finish decluttering our bedroom, which is a BIG job.  Am I the only one where all of the house clutter ends up in the master bedroom?  No more of that!  Here’s our menu plan & meal prep for August 24 2020.

No meal prep this week.  We’re trying to finish up the odds and end we have in the freezer from previous meal preps.

Menu Plan


Lunch–Blackened Salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli
Dinner–Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, Diced Potatoes, peas


Meal Prep & Menu Plan for August 24 2020

Lunch–Korean Beef Bulgogi, salad, rice, miso soup
Dinner–Chicken, rice, cucumber slices


Lunch–Leftover pulled pork, chips, salad
Dinner–5 Ingredient Chili (from MyFreezEasy), crackers


Lunch–mini pepperoni pizzas,
Dinner–Taco rice, chicken patties, cucumbers

Menu Plan & Meal Prep for August 24 2020


Lunch–leftover 5 Ingredient Chili, cornbread
Dinner–rotisserie chicken, cucumbers, tater tots


Lunch–Chicken Enchilada Soup (from MyFreezEasy), frozen chicken tacos
Dinner–turkey burgers, corn on the cob, tater tots


Menu Plan & Meal Prep for August 24 2020

Lunch–Teriyaki Pork Stir Fry, rice
Dinner–Polish Sausage, Tater Tots, bell peppers & hummus

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