This post contains affiliate links.  We ordered a ham from ButcherBox for Easter.  However, I had no idea the ham would be huge (over 10 pounds)!  There were only five of us at Easter, so that’s a lot of ham.  We ate it for our Easter meal, and then we froze it in smaller portions.  This week, we went to work eating up some of that ham.  (Last year we froze it, and it only stayed good for a little while, so we want to use it up more quickly this year.)

Meal Prep

I didn’t have time to meal prep this weekend.  Instead, Bookworm made homemade granola and I made banana bread later in the week.  No picture, though.

Menu Plan


Lunch–Okinamiyaki, salmon, sweet potatoes
Dinner–T-bone steak, diced potatoes, cauliflower

Dinner–Ham, mashed potatoes, peas, salad

Lunch–Ham, egg & cheese quiche,
Dinner–Turkey chili, cornbread (Cuddle Bug cooked!)


Lunch–Texas Tacos,lettuce, tomatoes
Dinner–Ham, diced potatoes, broccoli


Lunch–5 Ingredient Chili (from MyFreezEasy)
Dinner–Cabbage, Ham, Carrots, rice

Lunch–chicken nuggets & leftovers
Dinner–Vegetable Fried Rice (we added in chicken), miso soup

Lunch–Chicken in Adobe Sauce, rice, carrot sticks (PB & J Girl cooked!)
Dinner–pulled pork sandwiches, tater tots, salad

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