This post contains affiliate links.  I finally went to the store last week after 6 weeks of simply getting pick up from Fry’s.  (Sadly, there is no pick up option for Natural Grocers or Trader Joe’s, which is why I had to brave the stores.)  We finally got a little junk food in here, and I was so glad to have one night not cooking!  Here is our menu plan for May 11 2020.

Here’s what’s on the menu plan:

Menu Plan for May 11 2020


Lunch-Chicken apple sausage, veggies, tater tots
Menu Plan for May 11 2020
Dinner-Daiya frozen pizza (movie night, and I was tired of cooking all week!)


Lunch-Breaded white fish, veggies
Dinner-BBQ, diced potatoes, cucumbers & sugar snap peas

Menu Plan for May 11 2020



Lunch-Salmon Balls, broccoli, 
Dinner-Potato Crust Breakfast Pizza, fruit


Dinner-One Pot Lasagna Soup (I’ll need to make significant changes to this to make it gluten and dairy free.)


Lunch-Ground Beef Goulash, veggie
Dinner-Skillet Chicken & Potatoes


Dinner-Tater Tot Casserole


Dinner-Slow Cooker Beef Stew

What’s on your menu plan for May 11 2020?

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