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Weight Loss

Just a quick weight loss update.  I followed the WW Purple Plan again, and this week, I gained .5 pounds.  I’m a little disappointed by that, but knowing I had such a large loss last week, I’m not discouraged.  I’m just going to keep on keeping on.  Hopefully next week I’ll have a good loss.

Freezer Cooking

On a different note, when things started getting crazy with the pandemic in mid-March, I had a freezer cooking session.  I’ve been slowly using those meals, but I want to keep a number of meals in the freezer in case we do get the virus and need easy food.  (Plus, having the meals in the freezer is also nice for nights when I’m tired of cooking.)  So, I decided to have a little freezer cooking session sometime in the next 7 to 10 days, probably after I go grocery shopping.  I’ll share with you when I do.

Tasty Recipes!

Last note, while cleaning my bookcase in our bedroom (one of my micro goals for the week), I found a cookbook I had reviewed previously, Southern Living Big Book of Slow Cooking.  Several of our recipes this week come from that cookbook.

Here’s our menu plan and meal prep for June 1 2020:

Meal Prep

I’m sad that it seems like Bookworm has an oatmeal intolerance (he already has a nut intolerance and doesn’t handle protein powder very well).  I used oatmeal bakes to help fill up my teen who is a bottomless pit, and now that option is gone.  So, I had to be creative with my meal prep to find things I can make for him.

Here’s what I meal prepped this week:

Meal Prep & Menu Plan for June 8 2020

Double Chocolate Banana Donuts (Here are the silicone donut molds I use.)

Deviled Eggs,

Bacon Egg Breakfast Quesadillas,

End of the Jar Popsicles,

Ham and Egg Muffin Cups,

Menu Plan for June 1 2020


Lunch-Asian noodles,

Dinner-Beef Stew


Lunch-salmon, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts

Menu Plan for Mondy May 4 2020Dinner-BBQ, Diced potatoes, veggies


Lunch-Seafood Nachos

Seafood Nachos

Dinner-Spicy Chicken Chili Verde (from Southern Living Big Book of Slow Cooking)


Dinner-Cowboy Pot Roast (from Southern Living Big Book of Slow Cooking)


Lunch- Burrito Bowls, (didn’t get to make these last week)
Dinner- Vegetable Soup, garlic bread


Lunch-Easy Frittata, fruit
Dinner-Picadillo Mexican Beef Stew


Dinner-Beef Brisket Soft Tacos (from Southern Living Big Book of Slow Cooking)

What’s on your menu plan and meal prep for June 1 2020?

Want more menu planning ideas?  Check out our Menu Plan and Meal Prep for May 18 2020.

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