Memoria Press Literature Guides Review
Bookworm has been asking for a comprehensive literature program for about a year now, but I didn’t want to buy the one he had his eye on because it looked like simple, easy questions rather than questions that called for deeper thought.  Instead, we happily reviewed the Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.  We enjoyed the set so much, we plan to use the second grade literature guide set for PB & J Girl next year!

About Memoria Press’ Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

The Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set contains teacher’s manuals and student guides for four novels:

  • Adam of the Road
  • Robin Hood
  • Door in the Wall
  • King Arthur

At Bookworm’s request, we started with King Arthur.

While I would like to say that we finished the entire book during the review period, that did not happen.  We’re still working on it because we went to Michigan for a week, and Bookworm was adamantly NOT doing schoolwork while he was there.  (Can’t say I blame him!)  When we returned home, he started working on, and enjoying, the King Arthur Student Study Guide again.

About the Guides

Memoria Press 6th Grade Lit ReviewEach of the guides are colorful and visually appealing.  They make both student and parent excited to start (at least that is how it was for Bookworm and me).  They are also color matching, which makes organization easier.  For instance, the King Arthur Student Study Guide is dark green and then lighter green at the top.  The Teacher Guide is white on the bottom and light green on the top.  Each of the guides is set up this way.

Bookworm noticed right away that all four books take place during the Middle Ages.  When I looked up Memoria Press’ 6th grade history, I saw that they study Famous Men of the Middle Ages, which ties in quite nicely with the books for the literature set.  I really appreciate that.

IMG_7566The student guides have several activities for each chapter:

  • Reading Notes,
  • Vocabulary,
  • Comprehension Questions,
  • Discussion Questions, and
  • Enrichment

The King Arthur Student Study Guide is approximately 59 pages long.

The Teacher Guide is 115 pages long, which includes an additional appendix with answers for the discussion questions, quizzes for each of the books in the novel, a midterm and final exam as well as answers to those tests and exams.  The rest of the Teacher’s Guide contains answers to the sections mentioned above as well as famous, relevant poetry.

The shortest student study guide is The Door in the Wall, at approximately 22 pages.  The longest is Robin Hood at approximately 74 pages.  However, all three guides besides The Door in the Wall are quite comparable in length.  All follow the same format.

How We Used The Literature Set

Since Bookworm has a busy schedule this semester, we used the study guide four days a week for 30 minutes a day.  During those 30 minutes, Bookworm was either reading the novel or working in the Student Study Guide.

What We Liked about The Literature Set

Bookworm thoroughly enjoyed the student study guide and has already requested that we finish using the 6th grade guides we got this year and use the next ones for 7th and 8th grade.

He told me he liked all parts of the study guide:

The quote at the top of the page helped him remember the action and who said what since the story obviously builds on itself.

He also thought that the Reading Notes were helpful in case he forgot something while doing the workbook.

He appreciated that he could just turn to the back of the guide to get the definition for the vocabulary words rather than having to use a dictionary.

He liked that the Enrichment Questions required him to think deeply and make connections rather than just asking him simple comprehension questions.   For example, in Ch. 1 the first Enrichment Question is:

Scholars debate the historicity of King Arthur.  It is not implausible that a warlord led a successful uprising against barbarian settlers around 500 A.D.  Perhaps that man was Arthur.  There is no evidence that disproves such a thesis.  Think of what evidence would convince you that the legends of Arthur are true or false.  Write a paragraph explaining what such evidence would look like.

Finally, many of the Enrichment activities contained boxes filled with information about the time such as:

  • The Roman Legacy in Britain
  • Knights and Chivalry
  • Features of a Medieval Castle
  • Jousting
  • Medieval Weapons, and
  • The Holy Grail

Bookworm loved learning these additional bits of history that helped him understand the story better.

What We Disliked about The Literature Set

There was nothing that I disliked.  I plan to continue to use these for all of my kids, at the appropriate level.

The only quirky thing I noticed, which was likely just a printing error, is that on page 32 on The King Arthur Student Study Guide, all of the answers were also typed in.

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