Usually when I make ahead food for the week, I make lots of snacks the kids can have in the afternoon.  Most of the snacks have some type of nut in them, and I usually also put in some protein powder.  Bookworm has had a big appetite for years, but now that PB & J Girl is heading into puberty, her appetite has ramped up, too.  I’ve discovered that if I make snacks with a heavy dose of protein, their satiated longer.

However, Bookworm has been volunteering as an assistant counselor at a kids’ summer camp, and because of different kids’ allergies, he can’t bring peanuts OR other nuts, so the snacks I made are still in the freezer.

This week, Sprout’s had grass fed ground beef on sale early in the week (the sale ended on Wednesday), so I focused on getting some meals and food prep done.

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I made 2 packages of the filling for Cornbread Taco Bake (this is one of my kids’ absolute favorite meals from My FreezEasy.)

I browned another pound of ground beef and divided it into two packages.  (I’ll use it to add to spaghetti.)

And I made a bowl of Taco Rice.  I don’t know what it is about this recipe, but I’m loving packing it for lunches when I take the kids to ABA therapy.  I simplify the recipe–it’s literally brown rice, ground beef, salsa, and Daiya cheese.

And I made Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars.  (My husband has been running A LOT in the morning, and he likes a “healthier” snack/sweet food at night.)

Do you do weekend meal prep?  If so, what do you usually prepare?

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