This post contains affiliate links.  I’m amazed at how much more there is for homeschoolers to do here in New York than in Tucson.  The girls have been trying out different activities–dance, gymnastics, AHG, Girl Scouts, and 4H, so it’s been busy around here.  Now that they’ve tried out everything, we have to decide what activities they’re going to commit to.  Then, we can establish a regular schedule.  Here’s our meal prep & menu plan for October 11, 2022.

Meal Prep

I made some food for snacks, and some for ready-made meals during the week:

Easy Hamburger Soup,

Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies, (My family thought these had too much baking soda and didn’t like to eat them as cookies.  Instead, they put them in a bowl with bananas and strawberries and almond milk.  They liked them that way as a breakfast oatmeal.)

Banana Muffins,

Menu Plan


Lunch–Asian Noodles,
Dinner–Chicken & Bok Choy Stir Fry,


Lunch–Chipotle Chicken & Veggie Fajitas, guacamole
Dinner–Salmon, roasted cauliflower, roasted carrots & yellow beets


Lunch–chicken nuggets, fries, peas
Dinner–chicken apple sausage, baked potato, salad


Lunch–pita pizzas, salad
Dinner–chicken & bok choy stir fry, rice, miso soup


Lunch–Easy Hamburger Soup, bread with butter
Dinner–chicken fried rice, Feel Good Foods chicken egg roll


Lunch–Easy Hamburger Soup, bread with butter
Dinner–Tacos, lettuce, tomato, avocado


Lunch–leftover chicken fried rice, Feel Good Foods vegetable egg roll
Dinner–spaghetti with ground beef & mushrooms

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