This post contains affiliate links.  This week, I was lucky because many of our meals produced leftovers.  I know some people hate to eat leftovers, but I love it because it gives me time off from cooking.  Plus, my family doesn’t mind eating leftovers.  Here’s our meal prep & menu plan for May 30 2022

Meal Prep

No pictures, but for snacks this week I made:

Savory Sausage Pancakes,

Banana Muffins

Menu Plan


Lunch–Chicken Pot Pie Soup, GF rolls
Dinner–Chicken Quesadillas, refried beans, salad


Lunch–Tuna Melts, chips, cucumbers
Dinner–Chicken Nugget salad with homemade croutons


Lunch–Monte Cristo Sandwiches,
Dinner–Stuffed Pepper Soup, rolls


Lunch–leftover quesdaillas
Dinner–Ham & Potato Soup


Lunch–Tuna Melts, chips, carrot sticks
Dinner–leftover stuffed pepper soup


Lunch–leftover Ham & Potato Soup
Dinner–Chicken Fajitas (from my summer freezer meal stash), nacho chips


Lunch–Taco Rice
Dinner–Stuffed Peppers (from my summer freezer meal stash)

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