This post contains affiliate links.  I feel like summer is here!  How about you?  Are your kids finishing school?  We homeschool through most of the summer, but we’ll be taking a few breaks and take a couple weeks’ break at the end of August.  But, back to the basics, here’s our meal prep & menu plan for May 17 2021.

Meal Prep

I would think my crew would get sick of banana bread, but they keep asking for it every week!

Meal Prep & Menu Plan for May 17 2021

Banana Bread,

Healthy Banana Bread Skillet,

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas,

Tuna Patties,

Chia Seed Pudding (not pictured since I forgot to get it out of the refrigerator for the photo!)

Menu Plan


Meal Prep and Menu Plan for February 2, 2020
Lunch–Salmon, Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts
Dinner–Asian Noodles,


Lunch–Pork Steak, Tofu, diced potatoes, salad
Dinner–BBQ Ribs, Hamburgers, Potatoes,


Lunch–Jools’ Wholesome Veg and Bean Soup, rolls


Lunch–Chicken Tacos, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Dinner–leftover BBQ, leftover Jools’ Wholesome Veg & Bean Soup


Lunch–Black Bean & Bell Pepper Rice, leftover chicken tacos
Dinner–Leftover beef brisket, homemade fries, broccoli


Lunch–Taco Salad
Dinner–Black Bean Taco Soup, leftover pork


Meal Prep and Menu Plan for May 17 2021
Lunch–Ham and Potato Soup (still eating up the last of the Easter ham in the freezer),rolls
Dinner–Sloppy Joes (from my recent freezer cooking session), French Fries, broccoli


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