I’ve had several weeks in a row of no meal prep, and I don’t recommend it!  I’m getting back on the meal prep bandwagon next week.  Here’s our menu plan for May 1st:

Menu Plan


Lunch–steak, sweet potatoes, green beans
Dinner–Iranian kebob, rice

Menu Plan and Meal Prep for October 19 2020


Lunch–Asian noodles
Dinner–Chicken, cabbage stir fry


Lunch–Turkey/avocado sandwiches, chips, apple slices
Dinner–Chicken nuggets, french fries, cucumber slices


Lunch–leftovers–chicken, spaghetti, green beans
Dinner–Cheeseburger Soup,

Gluten Free Dairy Free Cheeseburger Soup


Lunch–Mahi Mahi patties, french fries, salad
Dinner–Beefy Black Bean Chili, corn chips


Lunch–Gnocchi Vegetable Soup, leftover chicken nuggets
Dinner–leftover Beefy Black Bean Chili, quesadillas


Pulled pork sandwiches, corn, cucumbers, french fries

Lunch–Pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, french fries
Dinner–leftover chicken, Gnocchi Vegetable Soup, and fish patties


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