This post contains affiliate links.  This week was a busy one.  The girls finished their classes and had performances for both circus and theater.  My husband made a lot of food on the weekend, so w had plenty of leftovers to eat throughout the week, and I pulled a freezer meal out for a quick meal on Thursday.  I love freezer meals!  Here’s our meal plan for June 6 2022.

Meal Prep

This week, all I prepared was a batch of Banana Muffins.

Menu Plan


Lunch–Miso pork, cabbage, sweet potatoes
Dinner–Asian Noodles


Lunch–Chicken strips, french fries, cucumber slices
Dinner–Steak, diced potatoes, green beans


Lunch–Cod Fish Patties, french fries, roasted broccoli & cauliflower
Dinner–Easy Chili, salad


Lunch–Grilled ham & cheese, chips, pears
Dinner–leftover stuffed pepper & taco rice, salad (using stuffed pepper pic from a previous meal)


Lunch–leftover Chili
Dinner–pad thai, salad


Lunch–leftover chili and pad thai
Dinner–Moroccan Zucchini & Ground Beef (pulled from the freezer), rice

Menu Plan for March 30 2020


Lunch–sandwiches, chips, fruit


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