This post contains affiliate links. To start the new year, I decided to start doing meal prep again, but even better than I did it before.  I wanted to make this change because I noticed that lunch was taking me one to 1.5 hours a day to make, eat, and clean up.  So I decided to make all of our lunches for the week on Sunday, and if I had time, to also make a few meals.  Here’s how it went the first week:

Meal Prep

Picture of lunches--Butter Chicken, Cheeseburger Bowl, and chili

For the girls’ lunches I made these meals (I bought these cute containers):

Butter Chicken (w/Hidden Veggies)

Cheeseburger Skillets,

For my lunch I made (but didn’t get a picture of any of these):

Low Fodmap Stuffed Pepper Soup (I added kale to this for more veggies)

Low Fodmap Banana Muffins (these were delicious but spike my fermentation numbers, so I won’t make them again)

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup,

Other Meals

I also made Chili for a friend who is sick and taco meat for an upcoming meal

This weekend my husband cooked a lot of extra food, so we had enough leftovers to eat for several dinners.  This might not be the most exciting way to eat, but it saves a lot of time, and it’s healthy.

Menu Plan

Lunch–Miso pork, roasted rutabagas and carrots, rice
Dinner–Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, shredded cabbage

Lunch–Turkey sandwiches, cucumber slices
Dinner–Sushi, noodles

Lunch–Homemade sushi

Lunch–Butter Chicken (w/Hidden Veggies), cucumbers
Dinner–leftover Miso Pork, roasted, diced potatoes, roasted veggies

Lunch–Cheeseburger Skillets,
Dinner–leftover Roasted chicken, salad, leftover fried rice

Lunch–Butter Chicken (w/Hidden Veggies)
Dinner–Leftover Oden,

Dinner–Cheeseburger Skillets,

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