This post contains affiliate links.  I had planned on a big menu prep and making some freezer meals.  However, my uncle passed away, and we took a trip to Michigan for the funeral.  Because we had to dodge a storm, we were gone for four days while my husband held down the fort at home.  The only meal prep I got done was what I finished before we got the bad news.

Meal Prep

I made two different types of banana muffins:

Banana Muffins,

Skinny Banana Muffins

Menu Plan


Lunch–Salmon Patty with Spinach and Cheese on top,
Dinner–Eye of Round Roast,


Lunch–leftover Slow Cooker Lentil Veggie Soup, toasted bread with bruschetta sauce
Dinner–Chicken (with leftover sauce from our Green Chef box), diced potatoes, carrots


Lunch–Turkey Pita Sandwich, chips,
Dinner–Slow Cooker Broccoli, Cheddar, and Potato Soup (left out the canned soup & used almond milk and Daiya cheese), chicken legs


Lunch–leftover chicken legs, diced potatoes, green beans, spinach
Dinner–Chicken Sausage, Pepper & Cauliflower Rice Skillet,


Lunch–BLTs, (we also add a fried egg and avocado to our BLTs; I call them BELTAs), leftover peas, nacho chips
Dinner–Seafood Salad (just used the filling from my Seafood Nacho recipe and added lettuce, tomato, cucumber)


Lunch–Trader Joe’s Beef Tamales, refried beans, cucumber slices
Dinner–leftover Eye of Round Roast, roasted cauliflower, baked potatoes


Lunch–grilled cheese sandwich (with Daiya cheez), chips, carrot sticks
Dinner–Spaghetti with Meat & Mushrooms, carrot sticks


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