This post contains affiliate links.  Gradually, I’m beginning to cook more and more home cooked foods.  When we moved last year, we relied heavily on processed foods.  By the end of the year, we had moved to more homemade foods, and now I’m trying to go back to the majority of our diet being homemade foods.  I think I will need a freezer cooking session soon, so on the days we would normally rely on processed foods, we can instead pull a homemade meal out of the freezer.  (Currently I have 8 meals in the freezer, but 4 of the 8 are the same meal, so I need to add some variety!)  Here’s our meal prep & menu plan for January 23 2023:

Meal Prep

Paleo Goulash,

Beef Patties,


Vegetable Soup, (Left out the corn)

Menu Plan


Lunch–Chicken Enchiladas (using this homemade enchilada sauce), salad
Dinner–Slow Cooker Chili, (I doubled this to put one in the freezer)


Lunch–Blackened Cod, diced potatoes, Brussells sprouts
Dinner–Pulled pork, vegetable soup,


Lunch–leftover fried rice, Feel Good Foods egg rolls,
Dinner–Mulligatawny Soup,


Lunch–turkey pita sandwich, chips, carrot sticks
Dinner–leftover mish mash of several different items


Lunch–leftover fried rice, tofu
Dinner–tacos, refried beans


Lunch–Chicken-Hash Brown patties, baked potato, peas
Dinner–Slow Cooker Lentil Veggie Soup, bread


Lunch–leftover Mulligatawny Soup, rice
Dinner–Chicken Apple Sausage, tater tots, carrots

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