This post contains affiliate links. A few weeks ago, I found the gluten free imitation crab, Transocean, on serious discount.  So, I bought several packages.  Their best buy date was this week, which is why there are several meals featuring imitation crab in this menu plan.  My family didn’t complain.  😉

Meal Prep

No meal prep this week.

Menu Plan


Lunch–homemade pepperoni, pepper & onion pizza
Dinner–Moroccan Ground Beef & zucchini, rice

Menu Plan for March 30 2020


Lunch–Pork chops, shredded cabbage, sweet potatoes
Dinner–Roasted chicken, diced potatoes, green beans


Lunch–Salmon rolls with rice, miso soup
Dinner–leftover Roasted chicken, diced potatoes, green beans


Lunch–Turkey pita sandwich, clementine, nacho chips
Dinner–Baked Pork Tenderloin, roasted golden beets & carrots, peas


Lunch–grilled cheese, Tomato Soup,
Dinner–Seafood Nachos, peas

Seafood Nachos Appetizer Recipe


Lunch–leftover Seafood Nachos,
Dinner–Imitation Crab Salad,


Menu Plan for May 11 2020
Lunch–Chicken Apple Sausage, tater tots, cucumber, roasted beets
Dinner–Iranian Kebob

Iranian Kebob Recipe

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