This post contains affiliate links.  We were hoping to move into our new home about a week before the movers came.  That would have given us time to paint all the rooms we wanted to paint while they were empty.  But, alas, we ended up spending that week sick with Covid.  We ended up moving into our house just 12 hours before the movers arrived.  So, we’re still relying on a lot of convenience foods while we paint and unpack simultaneously.  It’s not the way we would have preferred to do things, but, such is life.  Here’s our meal prep & menu plan for August 22, 2022.

Meal Prep

I made one batch of Banana Muffins.  (No picture because it took me awhile to find the camera.)

Menu Plan


Lunch–Veggie fried rice, Feel Good Foods Chicken Egg Roll (we recently found this brand of food, and I find it’s a nice way to give my family a GF/DF treat with an otherwise boring meal)
Dinner–Trader Joe’s beef tacos, Spanish rice, peas


Lunch–Homemade pizza, salad
Dinner–Turkey burgers, peas,


Lunch–Feel Good Foods Vegetable Pot Stickers, leftover fried rice
Dinner–Chicken Apple Sausage, baked potato, coleslaw


Lunch–Trader Joe’s tamale, leftover Spanish rice, cucumbers
Dinner–Tacos, lettuce, tomato, avocado


Lunch–Spaghetti with mushrooms, salad
Dinner–Paleo Stuffed Peppers, rice (for the family), coleslaw


Lunch–Daiya Santa Fe Burritos, leftover rice, salad
Dinner–One Skillet Paleo Dinner (I was excited to double this so I now have ONE freezer meal in our freezer.)


Lunch–Feel Good Foods Vegetable Pot Stickers, rice, corn
Dinner–Homemade Pizza, Coleslaw

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