This post contains affiliate links.  Bookworm is out of town for a few weeks, and suddenly our food is stretching so much further.  I didn’t realize how much teenage boys eat until now.  I’ll probably manage to adjust my grocery shopping and cooking habits just in time for him to come back, and then I’ll have to go back to normal.

Meal Prep

No meal prep this week.

Menu Plan


Meal Prep and Menu Plan for February 2, 2020

Lunch–Salmon, potatoes, Brussells sprouts
Dinner–Chicken Thighs, sweet potatoes, broccoli


Lunch–Tater tot breakfast casserole, grapes
Dinner–Daiya burritos, green beans


Lunch–Gluten Free pot stickers, leftover falafel, cucumber slices, rice
Dinner–leftover chicken thighs, diced potatoes, corn


Lunch–Sandwiches, chips, cucumber slices
Dinner–Daiya burritos, apple slices, pepper slices


Cod Fish Patties
Lunch–Cod Patties, tater tots, broccoli
Dinner–Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala, rice


Dinner–Low Fodmap Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes, salad


Lunch–Tortillas de Patatas, fruit
Dinner–Black Bean Soup, quesadillas

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