We spent most of this week painting our kitchen cupboards, which means that our kitchen was out of commission for about five days.  We made a lot of food beforehand and just ate that most of the week.

Meal Prep

No meal prep this week.  We were too busy with kitchen cupboard prep.

Menu Plan


Lunch–Rustic Split Pea Soup with Ham
Dinner–Daiya Pizza, clementine


Lunch–Taco Rice, cucumber slices
Dinner–Ham Sandwiches, chips, sugar snap peas


Lunch–Ham, mashed potatoes, peas
Dinner–Eggs, sausage, diced potatoes


Lunch–Turkey Sandwiches, chips, cucumber slices
Dinner–Pulled pork, pretzels, carrot sticks, salad


Meal Prep & Menu Plan for December 14 2020

Lunch–Taquitos, carrot sticks, salad
Dinner–Chicken Tenders, Tater Tots, peas


Tuna Melt

Lunch–Tuna Melt Sandwich, chips, carrot chips
Dinner–Cheeseburger Soup


Lunch–Inside Out Taco Casserole, Lettuce, Tomatoes

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
Dinner–Chicken Pot Pie

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