100_4810Money Saving Mom is on a mission this month to get rid of 5 things a day.  I know she’s a minimalist, so I’m amazed that she has that many things to get rid of.

Me, unfortunately, I’m not a minimalist, though I’m trying.

Our lease expires in a year, and our plan is to have all of our clutter gone and to sell off our old pieces of furniture (like our couch that is 10 years old and our dining room table that we bought used 15 years ago that clearly has seen better days) before we move.  That will limit our moving expenses, especially if we move far away.

In the 12 months before that happens, I have A LOT of work to do.

I didn’t count everything I got rid of, but I would guess it’s easily over 100 items including outgrown onesies, rubber pants, kids games my kids never played with, my clothes that are too big now. . .

I am taking these 7 grocery bags and one box of stuff to Goodwill.  These are all things I don’t think will sell well at a garage sale, or they would bring in so little money, they’re not worth messing with.

Meanwhile, I have another growing pile of stuff for the garage sale we are going to have in a few weeks.  I’ll have a picture of that pile of stuff next week.

Are you joining in the Decluttering Challenge?

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