Horses in History Series by Mattie RichardsonThis fall, the girls began horseback riding, and they love it!  This has inspired a desire to learn about horses, so when The Homeschool Crew had the opportunity to review Author Mattie Richardson/Appaloosy Books, we were delighted.  (Horses and read alouds?  That’s right up our alley!)  We received Mattie Richardson’s Horses in History Series, and we really enjoyed them.

About Mattie Richardson’s Horses in History Series

All of the books in the series are told from the perspective of the horse.  They range from 60 to 140 pages long, and they’re intended for readers ages 8 to 14, though horse lovers may love these books no matter their ages.

For the purpose of this review, we received four books:

Day and Night

We’ve likely heard stories of brothers in the Civil War who end up on opposite sides of the conflict, fighting each other.  In Day and Night, two horses who are brothers, Tucker and Shiloh, end up in the same predicament–they fight on opposite sides of the war.  This book is the longest that we received at 140 pages.

Dusty’s Trail

This is the book that we chose to read first.  Dusty is happy living a quiet life on a farm with Levi, a young man, and his family.  However, Levi is yearning for adventure, so when he sees an ad for the Pony Express, he sneaks away at night with Dusty.  Levi becomes a Pony Express rider, and Dusty is one of the horses on the Pony Express.  This book was filled with adventure, and teaches readers about all of the very real dangers facing Pony Express riders.


Appaloosy follows a horse, Storm, owned by a young Nez Prince, White Feather.  Storm is involved in a battle and is sold twice before he finds another kind owner.  However, he’s then stolen by rustlers and must decide where to go when he finally breaks free.

Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise follows the story of Cheyenne, a horse who goes with her owner, Jared, to defend The Alamo.

Day and Night Enrichment Guide

We also received a PDF of the brand new Day and Night Enrichment Guide.  (Richardson is planning guides for the other three books; they are slated to be released by 2021.)

The study guide is targeted to the same ages her books are, 8 to 14 years old.  Completing the guide should take approximately 8 weeks.  Inside the guide, you’ll find comprehension questions, vocabulary, history, geography, brief biographies on the leaders of the Civil War, coloring pages, and historic recipes.

An answer guide comes with the enrichment guide.

How We Used These Books

We read Dusty’s Trail completely, and we’re partially through Day and Night.  We’re taking this one slower because we’ve been using the enrichment guide.

Our Opinion of These Books

I can tell that Mattie Richardson loves history, and her enthusiasm shows throughout the books.  We have enjoyed using the enrichment guide so far.  I can’t wait until Richardson has more; the guide definitely lends greater depth to the book.

We also enjoyed that Richardson writes each book from the perspective of the horse, since very few books are written that way.  I’d love if, in the future, she could write a book about a horse in World War I.

These books would tie in nicely to a unit study, especially since they cover major historical events:

  • The Pony Express,
  • The Civil War, and
  • The Alamo

You could also use them for a unit study on horses.  There are so many ways you can implement these books into your homeschool, though they’re also excellent just to read for fun.

We all enjoyed the book we read, and we plan to finish reading the rest of the books in this series.

Mattie Richardson's Horses of History Series
Author Mattie Richardson.

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