One of my goals this year is to “find” an extra $700 to help fund our trip to Michigan this year.  To that end, I tried some new ways to raise money that have been successful.

In March I “found” $75

In February I “found” $136.46

In January, I “found” $100.

Here’s how I “found” money in March:

Credit Card Cash Back – $50

I put that money in our travel fund.  I also have another $25 waiting, but I can’t cash that out until I reach $50 increments, so only $50 was realized this month.

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Ebates – $6.10 (unrealized)

I have had an Ebates account since 2011, but I always forget to use it when I’m shopping online.  This year, I decided that would change.  I installed an Ebates button on my computer.  Now, whenever I go to a site where Ebates offers cash back, a little box pops up and asks if I want to activate my cash back.  Um, yes please!

I have $18.36 in the account, but it’s unrealized since I won’t get that check until May.  (Ebates sends a check every three months.)  That means I earned $6.10 in March. (Use my referral link to sign up with Ebates, and you can earn $10 immediately.)



I had seen other bloggers write about Ibotta, but I figured since we didn’t eat many processed foods, Ibotta wouldn’t have coupons for me.  Boy, was I wrong.  I got $10 for joining.  (Use my referral link to sign up, and you can earn $10 right off the bat, too!)  I have gotten .50 cash back for bananas, $2 cash back for Enjoy Life cookies, and $1.25 cash back for eggs, just to name a few.

I now have $21 in my account (you need $20 to cash out), but I forgot to cash out in February & March (thanks to foot surgery), so this is unrealized until next month.


I have not been diligent about Swagbucks, so that is an area I need to work on!

Unexpected Gift Card – $25

I received an unexpected Amazon gift card of $25, so I allocated that to Easter gifts, and I put the $25 I would have spent on Easter gifts into our travel fund.

Total realized “found” money for March: $75

Total realized “found” money for February: $136.46

Total realized “found money for January: $100

TOTAL “FOUND” MONEY IN 2017: $311.46

What strategies do you use to find extra money for your goals?

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