4 Ways to Manage Your HomeKeeping up a home with children is always a challenge, but it’s even more challenging when you homeschool and the kids are home all.day.long.

However, as the kids have gotten older, we’ve found some good routines and schedules to keep our home in order.

Menu Plan

Because of our food intolerances, we don’t have the luxury of eating out if I forget to plan a meal.  However, if we didn’t have food intolerances, I know we’d be eating out more than we should.  To save us the inconvenience, I always create a menu plan.  Generally, I plan out six to seven meals a week for dinner, and then I buy groceries for the week based on those meals.  I like to try a few new recipes a week, but I also stick to tried and true recipes that we enjoy.

I’m not strict about the days.  I make whichever meal is on our list that I’m hungry for that day.  I do try to plan for a slow cooker recipe for busy days, but another strategy is to make the meal ahead in the morning or on the weekend so I have food ready to go when we come home.

Make Freezer Meals

During our busy co-op days last semester, I made freezer meals that I could dump in the slow cooker and let cook all day.  Freezer meals can be an excellent resource when you’re just too busy to cook.

Assign the Kids Chores

Seriously, you can’t and shouldn’t maintain the house all on your own.  Each of our kids is required to do three chores a day in addition to tidying up their rooms, putting away their clean clothes, etc.  The younger kids do things like feeding and watering the cats, folding laundry, vacuuming, etc.  Bookworm often mops the floors or cleans the bathrooms.  Their allowance is based on completing chores, so they are usually fairly motivated.

Use Tools to Keep on Track

This January I ordered Motivated Moms’ yearly chore chart.  For a few bucks, I got daily household chores listed for me.  I like this because Motivated Moms include chores I don’t normally think of like changing the air conditioner filter or clipping kids’ nails.  I usually alter the daily chores, but I use it as a springboard for chores for me and the kids.

If you’re not careful, homeschooling can disrupt your schedule, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning.  However, with a routine and some useful tools, you CAN homeschool and keep up your house.

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