Cuddle Bug and I love literature and could read for hours.  PB & J Girl does like a good story, but she also is a hands-on learner, so I’m always looking for a way to make a story come to life for her.  Recently, we had the opportunity to try LitWits Kits, which are lessons and activities based around particular novels.  LitWits would be perfect for a homeschool co-op class or a group.  They also work for individual families.

About LitWits

LitWits was developed by two sisters, Becky and Jenny.  Both loved reading when they were young (and still do!), and both have an English education.  Becky was a journalism major and worked for four years as a staff writer at The Register Pajaronian, and Jenny has a B.A. in English and a M.F.A. in Creative Non-Fiction.  She’s a published scholar, essayists, and poet.

LitWits currently has 47 titles to choose from, and they’re in the process of developing more.  (Click here to see a full list of the LitWits titles as well as books slated for development.)

The LitWits We Received

We chose four titles from LitWits:

A Little Princess

Black Beauty

My Side of the Mountain

A Wrinkle in Time

Each LitWits that you purchase has Ways to Use suggestions and reviews.

Then, there are several different crafts or art projects students can make.  For instance, in A Wrinkle in Time, students can make a picture of a planet and the atmosphere and visually show a tesser.  In My Side of the Mountain, they can create a travel brochure for Sam’s tree, or they can replicate some of his sketches.


LitWits Review
One of the craft projects for The Little Princess–making Sarah’s attic window.

Teachers or parents should also bring in props related to the story to foster discussion.  There are suggestions for the kinds of props you can bring.

The four LitWits received always had an activity or two that required several students such as being blindfolded to try food for A Wrinkle in Time or acting out part of the story.

Each LitWit also includes worksheets to help identify the action of the story, or to help with creative writing or another concept covered in the book.

LitWits Review
A story handout for A Wrinkle in Time.

In addition, there are many links specific to each book, its author, and its themes.  LitWits are comprehensive!!

Our Thoughts on LitWits

I love, love, love that this type of curriculum is available, especially as it helps hands on learners like my daughter enjoy literature a bit more.  There are also a variety of activities included, so there is something for everyone.

I think LitWits would be perfect for a homeschool co-op class or a group setting, especially because some LitWits require several people to act out important scenes.

But I’ll be honest, I’m not really a hands-on person, which makes teaching my hands-on learner challenging at times.  To me, some of the materials for the activities were difficult to find for just one person.  For instance, one hands on activity for The Little Princess, making Sara’s Sweetness jar, required the following supplies:

  • jars of jam (from the Dollar store)
  • glue and scissors
  • black-printed (“sooty”) burlap
  • lace studded with “diamonds”
  • black “mourning” ribbon,
  • sequins, pearls, other small sparkly items
  • gold paper crown for crown
  • crown template

I don’t have several of those items readily available at my home such as lace studded with “diamonds” and the black burlap.  For someone like me who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money or time gathering items, that can be a deal breaker.

If LitWits wants to branch out, I would love it if they would offer kits similar to science experiment kits that some science curriculums offer.  For instance, customers could choose to just purchase a LitWits curriculum, such as The Little Princess, or they could also purchase the kit and all of the supplies would be included for the projects in that curriculum.  We’d be much more likely to do every single activity that way.

Final Thoughts

LitWits Kits are a creative way to bring stories to life for hands-on learners and would be perfect to use in a co-op setting.



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