3e7859f6fa4b42238ee0cc56610f9328 (1)You know how recently in our debt repayment reports I’ve been mentioning the uncertainty at my husband’s work?

Over the last month, it became clear that my husband’s work life as he knew it was about to come to an end.  For the last two years, he’s been doing his post-doc with his mentor.  He still should work with his mentor for a few more years until my husband is ready to branch out on his own.

Well, his mentor is moving–to Arizona!

We could choose not to go, but then my husband would have at least one year of his post-doc that would essentially be a dead year while he looks for a new mentor and tries to work long-distance with his current mentor.

His mentor negotiated in his new contract that my husband also come to Arizona for a few years.

Staying with his mentor over the next few years would increase my husband’s job prospects in the future, so going is probably the best choice, even though we’d be far from family and friends.

We haven’t definitively said yes yet.  I want to first go out there and see it since I’ve never been in that area of the country before.


Life is about to get crazy!

If you live in the Southwest or Arizona, I’d love to hear your experience.

If you’ve made a long distance move lately, I’d love to hear what works for you.

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