Do you have a product that you love?  Are you dissatisfied with a product?  Let the manufacturer know!

  Before I found out about my dairy intolerance, my favorite product was Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream.  I loved this product.  One day, I sent Starbucks a simple e-mail of appreciation.  Within two weeks they had sent me a free product coupon.  Likewise, once I found out about the dairy intolerance I contacted Marie Callanders to thank them for making one of the few dairy free frozen meals (Beef and Broccoli).  They sent me a product coupon for 50 cents.  I have also complimented many restaurants who have their nutritional information online, making it easier for me to tell which products contain dairy.  I didn’t receive anything free from those companies, but I did receive many e-mails back thanking me for my input.

Recently I have been less than pleased with the quality of some of my kids Gymboree clothing.   I sent an e-mail stating why I was displeased and received a response within 4 hours.  They offered me the chance to send back the items I complained about for an exchange or a gift card.

You spend your hard earned money with these companies, and they do care about your opinion.  Feel free to start praising them if you love their product or nicely telling them why you are dissatisfied.

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