Well, this was certainly not the easiest no spending month. (Note to self—do not have another June no spending month. Too many things are happening!) I think we did a good job up until my son had his kindergarten graduation and dance recital on the same day and our car needed a $1100 repair (came out of savings). After that, things just went downhill!

No Spend Week 4

$95 groceries to make these freezer meals for July


$8 DH beer


$20 gas

$10 public transportation


Total – $133
Total for the month – $566

After June was over, I put our expenditures for this month in three categories: groceries, transportation and entertainment.

Groceries included everything from food to cat food and litter to diapers and wipes. Of the $566 we spend this month, $313, or 56% fell into this category.

For transportation, which included parking, gas and public transportation, we spent $110 or 19%.

Entertainment, including eating out, a haircut, beer, and my son’s birthday cake came to $143 or 25%.

Clearly, if we are to make the no spending month work, we must cut down on the entertainment category. I was surprised at how often we grabbed lunch at a fast food joint when we were in the car traveling.

This no spending month, though $66 over budget, was an eye-opening experience. We are planning another no spending month in the fall so we can redeem ourselves and stay under $500. We will be sure to pick a quieter month!

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