Exposing our kids to music at an early age is important to both my husband and me.  However, with three kids, private lessons can add up quickly, not to mention the time that it would take to drive three kids to three different private lessons.

When I got the chance to have my youngest two try out The KinderBach Online Piano Membership with Teacher’s Corner, I was excited.  We could have lessons from the comfort of our own home and no musical experience is required on the part of the at-home teacher!

What Is KinderBach?

The KinderBach program is designed for children ages 3 to 7.  My daughters, who are 3 and 5, loved the program and asked to do it every day.  Each lesson is only two to six minutes long, so often my girls would ask to do more than one lesson in a day.

Rather than being a dry, boring program, KinderBach had plenty of fun activities to engage young children including clapping to the beat, coloring, singing songs, marching to the beat, and playing things around the house such as a pot as a drum using a wooden spoon.  My girls were always excited to see what activities the next lesson contained.

The lessons are guided by Karri Gregor, a professional musician and CEO of KinderBach, but there are also characters that enhance the learning such as Dodi, a donkey who has his house between the two black keys on the keyboard.  Dodi has a friend, Frisco, who built the house for Dodi.  My girls loved learning about Dodi and Frisco and singing the songs about them.

Kinderbach Review
Cuddle Bug (3) said she loved the program because she got to play lots of different instruments (we also used a drum and shakers during some of the lessons) and because we all got to spend time together learning.  PB & J Girl (5) liked the many different activities and the coloring pages as well as playing the piano.

As a parent, what I liked is that the lessons slowly teach the children how playing piano.  It isn’t until week 3 that the girls started working on a keyboard.  The lessons are fun but go slowly enough to ease children into learning to play the piano, read music, and keep a beat.  According to the KinderBach website, “Youngsters will learn music vocabulary, note reading, rhythm, physical technique, ‘do, re mi’ singing, listening skills and music composition plus the joy in making music.”

There are six levels available, and each level has 4 lessons per week for 10 weeks.  All told, there are 60 weeks available.

How Much Does KinderBach Cost?

KinderBach is available two different ways.  You can choose to get your lessons online, which includes over 240 lessons, PDF activity pages, access to Teacher’s Corner materials and the ability to download all books, coloring pages and song books.  Normally priced at $130 a year, for a limited time only, it’s available for $95.88 a year, which works out to $7.99 a month for a year.  KinderBach is formatted to play on Macs, PCs and mobile devices.

Another alternative, especially if you have a slow Internet connection, is to take advantage of DVD and CD packages that start at $40.45.  There are a multitude of packages to choose from.

KinderBach Extras

KinderBach offers plenty of extras.  The iPad and iPhone app let’s you take lessons on the go; there is a built in piano keyboard, so your child can watch the lessons and play, all right from the iPad or iPhone!

For those of you who live in states that need documentation for homeschooling, KinderBach is Common Core aligned.

Final Thoughts

While this program is for ages 3 to 7, PB & J Girl, my 5 year old, got the most from the lessons.  Cuddle Bug (3), understood and had fun, but I don’t think her learning was quite as deep as PB & J Girl, which is to be expected.

We loved the program and plan to continue.  This is an excellent way to expose my kids to music without having to pay a fortune or leave the house and interrupt our homeschooling day.

If you’d like to try out KinderBach, the first two weeks are available online for free!  If you do sign up and aren’t satisfied, KinderBach offers a 30 day money back guarantee!

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