Bookworm is finishing 3rd grade, and his grades are coming back strong for reading and spelling.

However, his math grades, specifically for multiplication, uh-hum, leave much to be desired.

Unfortunately, Bookworm seems to take after me.  I always excelled at reading and writing and couldn’t keep my head out of a book.

Math, on the other hand, tortured me.  In fact, I was so bad at geometry that after meeting with my teacher after school for a semester several times a week, she advised me to drop the class, something teachers never did back then.  I just didn’t get it.

We’ve worked with Bookworm on multiplication.  We’ve tried flash cards, multiplication songs and online games.  Nothing seemed to click. . .

until we tried K5 Learning.

What Is K5 Learning?

K5 Learning is a program that focuses on strengthening your child’s reading, spelling, math and math facts comprehension.

It is designed for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.

It’s not meant to be a homeschool program, but rather to supplement what your kids are already learning in school.

In addition, it’s easy enough to navigate so that your child can work independently with minimal guidance from you.

How Does K5 Learning Work?

Each child who signs up for K5 Learning first takes an assessment.  This assessment allows K5 Learning to place your child at the appropriate level.  It’s not based on age or grade but on your child’s ability.

For instance, in phonics, Bookworm placed in the upper 2nd grade level, but for reading comprehension, he placed in the lower 4th grade level even though he’s only in 3rd grade.

We’ve used K5 Learning for 6 weeks now, and my son has used both the math and reading/spelling programs, but his main focus has been on math facts as we try to strengthen his knowledge of multiplication.


Bookworm picks two math facts he wants to focus on, such as 7 x 12 and 8 x 12.  Then, he is given a real life example to learn the fact, such as someone buying 12 movie tickets at $7 each.

After he has practiced these two facts for several minutes, he then goes on to take a “quiz” where the two facts are included with several other facts.  This part is timed, though he’s never run out of time before he finishes.

After he has completed this section, he earns 5 minutes of arcade time.

The arcade time helps reinforce what he is learning.  His favorite arcade game is Math Jong.

Much like Mahjong, he is given tiles, but these tiles have cartoon faces on them, multiplication problems such as 5 x 6 and answers such as 30.  Bookworm matches the faces as well as the multiplication problem and its answer to clear the tiles.

After 5 minutes, his arcade time runs out and he must practice more math facts before he earns 5 more minutes of arcade time.

How Can Parents Use K5 Learning?

Parents can check their child’s progress on K5 Learning through the parent dashboard.

I can see at a glance how much time Bookworm has spent on each of the 4 areas of learning–spelling, reading, math, and math facts.  I can also see how well he’s doing.  For instance, I see that he’s taken 13 spelling quizzes and is averaging 92%.

In addition to monitoring your child’s progress, parents can also do things like add spelling words for your child to learn (perfect if he has an upcoming spelling test at school), and assign math or reading lessons for your child to complete.

Is K5 Learning Right for You?

Of course, only you can answer that, but you can try it out for 14 days for free. Best of all, when you sign up for your free trial period, you do NOT have to give your credit card information, which I love.

For us, K5 Learning is worth the $25 monthly fee.  (You can also sign up for one year for $199, lowering your monthly rate to $16.58 a month.)

K5 Learning has helped my son learn multiplication, which no other method we’ve tried has done.  In addition, I plan to have him continue to use K5 Learning throughout the summer so he doesn’t lose all the academic progress he has made this year.

While this review has mainly focused on the math facts, which we used extensively, the spelling, reading and other math sections are also good, and Bookworm will spend time in those areas this summer. . .

as soon as he gets multiplication down.

Have you tried K5 Learning?  What is your opinion?

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