My goal is to spend no more than $125 a week for June, so we will stay under or at our budgeted $500 spending for this month. Here is how we have done so far:


$33 grocery shopping

$15 CVS (diapers & wipes)


$4 at a local festival ($1 for my son to go on a ride and $3 for a dessert we all shared)

$18 for my son’s haircut (I usually cut it myself, but this month he has a dance recital and is graduating from kindergarten, so I wanted it to look nice)

$12 Subway
We had no intention of going out to eat, but while we were at the mall getting my son’s haircut, we ran into a few kinks. My son and 19 month old daughter were playing in the play area when another little girl wet her pants right by my daughter, who decided it would be a good idea to touch the puddle. Ewwww!! It took awhile to get her cleaned up. Then I had to nurse the baby in the car, and after all that, it was lunch time but we were still 45 minutes from home.

When we were eating lunch, there were no more high chairs available, and my 19 month old, who kept standing on her chair, fell down and hit her head. Luckily, she seems to be doing just fine. (Yes, it was one of those kind of days!!!)

$22 dinner out (you can read about that here)

$30 groceries

Total for the first week = $134.

This is a little over, but I am pleased with the progress so far. I’ll post next week about days 7 through 14.

If you are having a no spending month, how is yours going?

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