IMG_5833So, my freezer and refrigerator are packed to the gills.  There are a few reasons why this happened.

Sprout’s had organic Red Delicious apples for .48 a pound.  I bought a case, which is 40 pounds.  (How sweet is it that 40 pounds of organic apples only cost me $19.20!?!  Sweet!)

Fry’s had frozen vegetables on sale for .67 cents, limit 4.  I went there 5 days in a row and got 20 bags of frozen veggies.

We ordered a rather large for us order of meat from U.S. Wellness Meats (affiliate link).  Now that we’re in Arizona and the heat is 100+ every day, I noticed that when I ordered 7 or 8 pounds of meat at a time, some of it came partially thawed despite the dry ice and freezer packs inside.  This isn’t really a big deal; U.S. Wellness Meats says its fine to simply refreeze it, which I do.  However, I thought that maybe if I bought a larger quantity, it would stay frozen better.  I’m happy to report that the strategy did work, but now our freezer is very full of good quality meats.

IMG_5841We turned off our refrigerator/freezer in the garage.  America’s Cheapest Family said that not running a refrigerator in the garage during the summer can save up to $15 a month on the electric bill, so once the heat started climbing, we shut it off and moved everything to our indoor refrigerator/freezer combo and our one deep freezer we have going.

So, now that we’re so stocked up, it’s pantry challenge time!

I know that I plan for this pantry challenge to go on for at least two weeks.  I’m pretty sure I can stretch it for three weeks, and I’d be delighted if I could have it go for 4 weeks.

However, my husband likes to eat a certain way (lots of fresh veggies and fruits), so once he starts complaining about the food he’s served, I’ll probably stop the challenge.

During the pantry challenge, I will not spend more than $100 total for food; everything else we eat will come from the pantry, freezer and refrigerator.

I’ll blog every Tuesday about what we ate during the week, what we bought, and how we’re doing on the challenge.


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