For my June challenge, I had a no spending month and challenged myself to only spend $500 for the month for groceries, gas, entertainment, birthdays, Father’s Day, and a trip out of town, etc. I did end up going over my $500, but I still consider the month a success because on a normal month we spend at least $1000 a month, plus we probably would have spent another $150 for my son’s birthday and Father’s Day. By having a no spending month in place, we saved ourselves the additional $500 we would have spent. In addition, we learned quite a bit about ourselves and our spending habits. (See my post on that here.)

Because this was such a great learning experience, we have decided as a family to pose a challenge every month. For July, the challenge will focus on me.

Like almost every mom, I tend to push taking care of myself to the back burner. That was okay when I was younger, but now that I am closer to 40 than 35, it is starting to affect my health. I still have 6 pounds of baby weight to lose (and the baby is 8 months old now). I wasn’t at an ideal weight before the baby, so after I lose those 6 pounds, I still have more to lose. Ideally, I would like to lose 50 pounds.

I know that won’t happen in one month. (How I wish it would!!) But I am going to take the month of July to begin to put myself first. My goal is to exercise at least 120 minutes a week and to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. In addition, I will be following the Weight Watchers Core Program at home. (I know this isn’t Weight Watchers current plan, but I had great success when I followed it before and I love that it focuses on natural eating and avoiding processed foods, so that is what I will follow.) Anyone care to join me?

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