I am so excited about this!  Jill Cataldo is Chicago areas well known “Super Couponer”, who, unlike many of the couponers featured on Extreme Couponing, manages to feed her family healthy, nutritious foods including some organic fruits and veggies.  In addition, she routinely donates to food pantries.

I attended a Super Couponing workshop by Jill Cataldo about two years ago and was blown away by the information she gave.  Every week on her website she shows how to save at popular stores in the Midwest including Jewel and Dominick’s in addition to national stores like Walgreen’s, CVS and Target.

Now, Jill’s Super Couponing class is available on DVD for $19.95.  The DVD includes ways to save on groceries, of course, but she also shows how to save on clothes, holiday items, housewares, etc.  This DVD will pay for itself in no time with the savings strategies she teaches.  There is a flat rate shipping price of $5.95.

Buy it for yourself or buy it for someone as a holiday present.  If your not sure, click on the link in this post, and you will be able to watch some excerpts for free so you can get a better idea of what she will be teaching.

Have any of my Chicagoland readers gone to a Jill Cataldo workshop?

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